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Would you like to obtain greater efficiency?


Van Dijk heating turbulators: Your partner in sustainability and efficiency.

Turbulators are one of the main tools used to enhance heat transfer in boilers and heat exchangers. Van Dijk heating has many years of experience in the manufacturing of turbulators and has maximised the effectiveness of heat transfer for all kinds of customers. Over the last 40 years we have continually optimized our turbulators and we now offer a wide range of turbulators to suit a diverse range of applications. We are proud to be able to contribute to large energy savings worldwide with our turbulator products. 



Our Turbulator products

L-R Twisted Turbulator

The best ratio between pressure drop and heat transfer.

Efficiency+ Turbulator

A corrugated surface and a shorter pitch results in a higher heat transfer-rate when more pressure drop is allowed.

Spiral Turbulator

Increased heat transfer combined with cleaning functionality.

According to your request we configure the ideal solution.